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Why Indics Solution

  1. We talk to our clients for each new assignment we take a thorough job brief & person spec which usually includes spending time in your company working along side & interviewing existing role holders.
  2. We develop an employee value proposition to factually highlight various key aspects of the role. This tool enables us to attract & maintain the interest of key candidates by describing the company, role, benefits, culture, training & objectives. Our candidates are informed & clear where the vacancy matches their needs & aspirations.
  3. The nature of headhunting ensures our candidates enter the recruitment process unprimed, they have not read an advert that describes the company, the role & what the ideal candidate looks like so cannot retort it to “beat” the recruitment process.
  4. We talk to our candidates when we first contact our target candidates we ask them about their career aspiration, motivations & values. This allows us to identify synergy between what they are looking for & what our clients have to offer, effectively screening out candidates whose motives are at odds with those of our clients.
  5. We further talk to our candidates to ensure they are the right fit in fact we cross-examine our candidates motives at 6 key stages of the recruitment process. This ensures that we have a true understanding of them & can closely monitor their thoughts throughout the recruitment process.
  6. Our interviews are designed specifically for each role & around each client’s competencies. They are of predictive behaviour nature & seek specific examples of previous work performance in situations which emulate the role we are recruiting for.
  7. Because of comprehensive industry mapping, focused search activities and headhunting, we are able to hand pick & shortlist the best performing people, not just the ones who apply. After they are hired the following sequence of events occur. They perform well & add value, they receive praise & recognition, they feel appreciated & so they stay.

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